The Height of Arrogance

The Height of Arrogance:

            I began discussing the arrogance of this current administration, and the Enablers of this administration’s policies, long before the term “ARROGANT” was the moniker of the day being used by pundits on the night of Scott Brown’s election victory in Massachusetts to describe those on the left-end of an already too Progressive of an agenda. 

            No heed has been paid to these legitimate descriptions by those Enablers, they continue to adopt policies, legislate, and force their own brand of governance without regard to fact, constitutional authority, or the will of the people.  A fairly good example of this can be found in two headlines separated by less than two weeks.

            The first was the Obama administration’s decision to scale back the scope of NASA relative to manned space-flight and now include a mandate for NASA to concentrate on “climate change research and monitoring” (see for this New Scientist article).  The second headline unceremoniously declares that research and science relied on by those of the doom and gloom, carbon credit buying, selling, and trading crowd (can you say Mr. Gore, Ms. Boxer, and Mr. Obama) is a great big farce.  We learn that “warming periods have happened before – but NOT due to man-made changes” (see for the Mail Online article).  I say “we learn” to be a bit arrogant myself.  Many of us already knew, many cold-moons ago, that human caused global-warming is a tool designed for purposes other than stated goals espoused by the current ruling apparatus. 

            If uncorrupted scientists and the majority of the free population around the world is able to understand that global warming is a part of natural cycles this planet has endured for millennia, why are we directing even more of our precious and very limited resources (derived from confiscation of the citizens property in the form of taxes) to further an agenda that has been proven to be false?  The answer is simple: because they do not care if the premise is false.  The current administration and its Enablers have a goal in mind and toss aside all rational reasoning that interferes with that goal.  What is that goal, you ask:  To concentrate the ability to influence (power) at the federal level.  Saying that man-made global warming will end us all allows GOVERNMENT to intervene in areas that otherwise the citizenry, and OUR Constitution, would not allow.

            For this administration, and for those in the position to oppose this (the side-line Enablers), to go forward with their Progressive agenda in spite of hard fact opposing the premise of their argument is the height of Arrogance!

God Bless America and Hang in There!

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