CPAC Update for 17 Feb. 2010

Yesterday was a whirlwind of events and meetings here in DC. Prior to landing at 1:05 pm I received a message that The Mount Vernon Statement signing was to take place at 2:30. After scrambling to locate a lost piece of luggage (just downright lucky), a taxi ride to the hotel, a very quick change of clothes, and another taxi back to Mt. Vernon, we arrived at Collingwood Library and Museum to find a spectacular scene. No less than a dozen TV news crew and an unsure number of radio and print reps were on hand to cover this event that included about 150 attendees. I urge everyone to search “The Mount Vernon Statement” on your search engine to get the in-depth details of what this actually is or got directly to

In short,”this historic document defines the Principles, Beliefs, and Values of the Conservative Movement”, a statement of Constitutional Conservatism for the 21st Century. Among those in attendance that I was able to speak with were former Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, Edwin Meese III, David Keene-President of the American Conservative Union, Brent Bozell-president of the Media Research Center and nephew of William F. Buckley Jr., David Bozell of MRC, Edwin J. Feulner-President of the Heritage Foundation, and fellow Okie Cleta Mitchell-Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundatio.

I was very fortunate and humbled to among the original signers of this important document and will post some pictures when we return. I was interviewed by the Media Research Center and by…get this…RTV (Russia TV).

We left Mt. Vernon to take care of a couple of pre-scheduled meetings near the Capital at the Cannon House Office Building and made it back to the hotel in time to change once again and attend the CPAC Diamond reception where we met and discussed the Houchen for Congress campaign with dozens of organizers, sponsors, and attendees (no name dropping here).

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