CPAC Update for 18 Feb. 2010

The events of Thursday were numerous detailed. The first point I would like to make that the media seems to not be mentioning is how MOST of the speakers here are talking about how 2010 is not a traditional Democrat vs. Republican event, rather it is a referendum on the size and scope of federal government and who can best limit and decrease its growth while while fixing our economic problems.

One other item that Judge Napolitano just mentioned on Fox News: He stated 2500 were in attendance…there will be close to 10,000 different individuals attend CPAC this year according to tickets sold.

I met and spoke with Marco Rubio after his speech here. Truly a nice guy with intellect and possesses that down-home common sense. I met and spoke with Doug Hoffman of the now famous NY-23 race…kind of a quiet guy but super nice and dedicated to REAL conservatism.

I was interviewed by The Washington Post and by (get ready) Canadian Broadcasting Co. Radio…I seem to draw the foreign media!

Scott Brown seemed nervous and Liz Cheney oozed confidence while former VP Dick Cheney’s lack of concern for “political correctness” brought down the house.

Mitt Romney was very polished and quote humorous while speaking in terms I have not heard him use before relative to limited government government and constitutional conservatism. It appears as if the demands of the heart and soul of America are being heard loud and clear.

Sen. Jim DeMint gave a really good speech detailing his and fellow Republican Senators role in stopping the current extreme progressive agenda.

I met and spoke with Carl Cameron of Fox News and took a few pics! Wayne LaPierre pf the NRA gave a very good and passionate speech while Dick Armey was just plain good. Rep. John Boehner was my second favorite speaker of the day with his offering of specifics about how he wanted to bring about REAL transparency in House activities and legislation.

For the sake of time I’ll jump right to my favorite speaker of the day…George Will! Please,please, please attempt to find a place where you can access and watch Mr. Wills speech last night. You can go to and it should be archived. His delivery and the substance reminded me of William F. Buckley. I got to meet and speak with George Will afterwards and this was a highlight of the day not to mention the literally scores of individuals we met and talked to who are so supportive and interested in our journey to unseat Mr. Blue-Dog himself, Dan Boren.

A quick story: We were standing in a very large reception visiting with fellow attendees about the Houchen for Congress campaign back home and I noticed a particular gentleman walk into the room…he looked very familiar and I was convinced he was an actor or some other noted personality. I could’t quite put my finger it though…why was he familiar? I approached him and asked: “You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”. After a few words he said: “Howard Houchen!?!?” He and I worked at Sears Automotive as mechanics back in the mid-80’s together while going to the University of Oklahoma. We haven’t seen each other in 22 years! He owns an oil company with rigs in South America today. Small world.

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One Response to “CPAC Update for 18 Feb. 2010”

  1. annette taylor Says:

    This account of the CPAC meeting in Washington D.C. reads as if the campaign is making an all out effort to bring Oklahoma to Washington……..not Washington to Oklahoma. This exactly what us “Okie’s” in Oklahoma want. Let ’em know Houchen we are a “target” state trying our dead level best to unseat Democrat Boren in the House of Rep. Keep on Keeping on while in attendance there.

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