CPAC Update 19 Feb. 2010

Good Morning to All,

Yesterday was another rousing day filled with attending speeches, receptions, book-signings, and meetings. From Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnessota, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, Chris Chocola of Club for Growth, and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (Minn) to former Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft (whom I was able to meet), Rep. Tom Price (GA), and former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts.

The evenings Ronald Reagan Award was not given to an individual, rather the entire active community of grassroots activists who rose up like never before to demonstrate and demand governance of the people, by the people, for the people.

We continue to meet with individuals and groups with an interest in supporting the Houchen for Congress campaign. There is a nice contingent of Oklahoma College Republicans attending CPAC from the University of Oklahoma that we spoke with and we travelled (by harrowing taxi ride) to meet with other groups in downtown DC.

I was a guest on KTOK’s Mark Shannon show and provided my take on events here at CPAC.


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