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Houchen for Congress Update_4-18-10

April 19, 2010
Sorry…It has been a while since the last update.  The Houchen for Congress campaign has been busy over the past couple of weeks listening to groups and individuals from across Eastern Oklahoma and delivering our conservative message with ideas and plans on how to halt the central-planning big-government expansion and return America to real fiscal and social conservatism.

I attended the Bryan County GOP’s “Let Freedom Ring: In Their Own Words” event where a side-by-side comparison of RNC and DNC Platforms were presented and discussed.  Not only were the stark differences highlighted but the personnel responsible for each Committee and the writing of the platforms were brought to light. 

I also attended a Business Professionals Breakfast in Durant that featured Patrick McGuigan of CapitalBeatOK as keynote speaker, author of several books, and former editor of The Daily Oklahoman. 

I was on the KITX radio morning show, called “The WB Morning Circus” with Will Payne and Barry Diamond here in Southeast Oklahoma…it was nice and very comfortable to be with familiar friends who I speak with on a regular basis but on totally different subjects not related to politics.  Usually we are talking sports — specifically high school football, but on this occasion we got down to the business of the Houchen for Congress campaign.

We held the first Houchen for Congress Dinner/Fundraiser here in Hugo and we were not disappointed.  The volunteers banded together and did a wonderful job with the facilities, the food, the planning, and getting the word out.  It was held at the Choctaw Cultural Center and scores of items were donated by local and other Eastern Oklahoma groups, businesses, and individual for the auction that was held not to mention the great pies, cobblers, cookies, and cakes that were prepared (I lost the bidding war on Jason “Pee Wee” Oretga’s now world-famous strawberry cheesecake).  The comedian/auctioneer, Daryl Felsberg, stole the night with his humor-styled auctioneering and we sold every single item  that was donated for a very successful conclusion to a splendid event.

Rep. Dan Boren visited my beautiful hometown of Hugo this past week…not publicly announced.  It seems as if he has kicked-off his “campaign tour” and is not interested in conducting public townhall events for the general public to attend so they can ask questions.  His staff notified the local Chamber of Commerce 48 hours in advance and asked if they would contact Chamber members to attend his “visit”…no newspaper, no radio, no public notice whatsoever.  I did attend this “visit” and spoke with Dan briefly.  There were approximately 40 people there and I had brought 10 people with me…he was able to garner about 25 folks when you consider everything!  Anyone think he won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi again?  He will…and this is the second time I have heard him say as much.

The first Houchen for Congress television ads began running in the Muskogee, McAlester, Eufaula, and Grove markets on Monday 12 April 2010.  We will expand the markets as time progresses and introduce new commercials periodically.  We also are running TV ads on KTEN Channel 10, an NBC affiliate.

We have a new shipment of yard-signs with NEW Branding and are already seeing these signs pop-up across Eastern Oklahoma.  If you would like some of these for yourself and/or to distribute to others, please let us know.

I did an interview with a segment of The McCurtain County View called “Stirrin’ It Up”.  These two ladies, SuZan Brakebill Cole and Bendette (I forgot her last name, but she was hilariously funny) supported the passage of Health Care and many other big-government ideas.  We talked for over an hour and I must say I did not alter their position but they did say I presented some new ideas on freedom and liberty that they have not thought of before and that it was interesting to hear views like this.  I’m not sure when they will post the video of this interview but I know they are working on it.

I attended several Tea Party events…Oklahoma City on the 14th where it was estimated that 7000 people attended, the Muskogee Tea Party and McAlester Tea Party on the 15th. and the Grove — Get America Back — Tea Party on the 17th. 

I also attended a lunch with volunteers and some new supporters in Muskogee on the 17th. 

The first quarter 2010 FEC filings are out and once again the Houchen for Congress campaign outpaced all other candidates – COMBINED – by large margins.  At present, Houchen for Congress has receipts in excess of $50,000.00!  While considered in the context of the other Republican contenders who have been publicly announced candidates for at least 8 months, the Houchen for Congress team leads the field with no serious contender(s) in sight.  There is no question that the conservative Republican Houchen for Congress Campaign is best poised and prepared to take on liberal-Democrat incumbent Dan Boren in the upcoming election.  Houchen for Congress has been the first with multiple newspaper ads, complete District 2 coverage rado ads, and significant market television ads.  We have the tools in place to act and react…We need your help to carry this forward to the next phase.

When considered in the context of a race with Dan Boren, however, it is not even close.  This election cycle he has received over 960,000.00 in contributions.  I know many folks feel as if they need to wait until after the primary to get involved and support a candidate.  I think we all know that this will be too late to seriously compete with a third generation political machine.  We must begin NOW if we truly want to take Oklahoma to Washington rather than having Washington in Oklahoma.  I ask for your help and support in any way that you can.  To wait any longer only provides the Reid-Obama-Pelosi- Enabler (ROPE) machine with a greater likelihood of success and diminishes the chances of TRUE conservatives in Eastern Oklahoma and America.
Please contribute to this journey of American restoration by visiting or  You can contribute by credit card on-line-or send a check to the address below.  You can Volunteer by sending us an e-mail to and our volunteer coordinator with get in touch you.  Now is the time act and to get involved in a winnable campaign.  Forward this to e-mail to friends and family, talk to neighbors and co-workers.  To return this seat to the citizens of Eastern Oklahoma in 2010 will take a monumental effort…but we will succeed if we all do something.

Marco Rubio (Fl-Senate) and Howard Houchen (OK-House): Can Lead Us Back – by Jack Chambless

April 5, 2010

In the wake of the socialization of 20% of the nation’s economy, Libertarians, Reagan/Goldwater Republicans and Tea Party activists (a blend of the aforementioned) are gearing up for the 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 Presidential race.
What follows is a prescription for victory…


1. Forget about Sarah Palin. If you listened to her during the 2008 campaign and today, she is a free-market lightweight with no serious ideas on the issue of taxes, regulations, spending, health care or anything else for that matter. She will get destroyed if she runs and has to intellectually defend her surface-only views on matters that are important to real-Republicans. Rock star novelty acts who use words like “dang” and “youbetcha” are refreshing but not transformative.
2. Identify and defeat every “Bush Republican” who runs in every primary in America. Ronald Reagan’s greatest mistake was picking the liberal George H.W. Bush to be V.P. On April 10, 1980 Bush called Reagan’s view that drastic reductions in income taxes would lead to more wealth and more government revenue, “Voodoo Economics”. He was never a believer in Reagan’s Libertarian makeover of the American economy. His son was even worse. Sure we got small cuts in marginal tax rates in 2003 but we also got the most massive increase in domestic welfare spending since the 1960s; thousands of pages of new regulations; a $1.5 trillion prescription drug benefit program that Obama has now added to; new tariffs; restrictions on talented foreign immigrants, etc. etc. All Bush Republicans must be kicked out of office so people like Howard Houchen (Oklahoma) and Marco Rubio (Florida) can lead us back to the 1980s. The simple fact is that today’s Republicans have no right to argue against Obama’s Socialist agenda when their party helped create the fertile ground from which Socialism grew this decade.
3. Stop talking about gay marriage; where Obama was born; illegal immigration and other social problems…..for now. Reagan used to say that the best family values stemmed from a full-time job. Reagan was anti-abortion and had impeccable standards with those of us who care about morality in government. However, Republicans, by focusing on issues that occupy the outskirts of an unemployment rate of 10%; skyrocketing spending and the nationalization of health care, autos and banking, are missing the bigger picture. If America is going to become France, or worse, it will not matter if Joe and Bill are allowed to marry or if Julio came over here without permits or if Obama was born in a Taliban stronghold somewhere. So, focus on economics, win the elections, create new free-market policies and then when unemployment is back to 3.9% turn your attention to the side issues that you believe to be important.
On behalf of those of us who were abandoned by the Republican Party beginning on January 20, 1989 we wish you well in restoring some sense of small government this November and in 2012.
Jack Chambless is a professor of Economics, author and professional speaker. He has appeared on Your World with Cavuto (FoxNews), FoxNews Europe, CNBC’s Inside Opinion, The Neal Boortz Show, National Public Radio and the BBC. He has lectured at The Foundation for Economic Education, Freedom Fest and in other political and academic settings. Since 1991 he has taught Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida and is the author of three economics books. He has also served as a freelance writer for The Wall Street Journal, The Orlando Sentinel, USA Today, and other foreign and domestic publications.