The Future of Property Rights and the Impact of Hyper-Environmentalism in America?

There exists a story, so horrific, coming out of West Australia that every single person who wishes to remain free must be made aware of. This story, like the personal firearm confiscation act of a past Australian government, is the crystal clear omen of things to come here in America.

 I simply urge you to take the 16 minutes and watch these two videos on YouTube which tell the story better than I could ever hope to:

 South Australia Senator, Cory Bernardi, has taken up the issue but the hyper-environmentalism lobby that permeates the Australian Department of Environment and Conservation is not subject to political or public oversight (sound familiar?). The central-planning government currently in place, along with this over-reaching, unaccountable, bureaucracy is literally STEALING productivity from producers and property from lawful property owners. After years of kow-towing to pencil-pushing know-nothings, years of bureaucratic red-tape, filing for government licenses, meeting regulatory standard after regulatory standard, public notices, license revocations, contracts, and outright government deceit…the GOVERNMENT has changed the rules in mid-stream.

Business…producers, the drivers of an economic machine…cannot function in such an environment. The hoops that this family has jumped through, at the whim of government to satisfy government, was for NOTHING! Listen and watch this story carefully, you will see and hear eerie similarities to what has been occurring and what is likely to occur here in America. Government intervention of this magnitude will ALWAYS have deadly repercussions…no exceptions!

Below is a link to a site which chronicles the events surrounding the Thompson’s saga. This link goes directly to Senator Bernardi’s statement in Parliament on 28 Sept. 2010.

I am advised the Thompson family have broken no law, they have no outstanding environmental infringements, they have done everything asked of them by government, they are popular in their local community and nearby towns, and yet they still face ruin. They run a profitable business—or they ran a profitable business. But an over-officious and what would appear to be an overzealous government bureaucracy has cut the profitability of their business and their ability to access any capital.” Senator Cory Bernardi to Parliament, 6:54 pm 28 Sept. 2010

Kaye Beach and I will be interviewing Senator Cory Bernardi on Axxiom for Liberty Radio on October 22, 2010 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

One last note: The Janet Thompson in this story is from my hometown of Hugo, Oklahoma.  We went to high-school together.  I know her sisters, her brother, her parents.  This family is a model of citizenship (Aussie or American) and service to community…impeccable graciousness and fortitude.  As we say here: They’re just good people

She suggests writing an e-mail to Colin Barnett, Premier of West Australia:

The Honourable Colin Barnett, Premier of W.A.

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One Response to “The Future of Property Rights and the Impact of Hyper-Environmentalism in America?”

  1. rogerthesurf Says:

    Folks, I sympathise deeply with this factual story.

    I suffered a similar fate albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, here in New Zealand when I wanted to return 20 hectares of coastal land near my home town to its original state instead of having it over grazed and eroding into the sea.
    By original state, I mean planting of original strains of native trees and bushes eventually returning the area to its once former forest.

    Once again the locals expressed 2 to 1 in approval of the plan. The plan was approved but a vocal minority appealed, and listen to this carefully, A government department funded using government resources this vocal minorities appeal.

    By the time the appeal was over and the approval reversed, we had lost our life savings. The land still remains over grazed and eroding into the sea.
    And although I thought I was doing the environment a great service, the appeal was turned down on environmental grounds. “The planting of native trees was inappropriate” said the judge in his final decision.

    My conclusion was and is 1. The government department department is corrupt and driven by some irrational green lobby.
    2. The vocal minority were more afraid that our own personal wealth would increase presumably more than theirs, or I was a rich B***d who needed to be taken down. (Unfortunately neither were true)

    3. The green lobby is simply a way for less fortunate/less hard working/lazy/less successful? people to pull down persons that they see as more successful than they.

    In other words, it is a means to strengthen the tall poppy syndrome.

    Either way it has nothing to do with “saving ” the planet.

    My sympathies to the Thompson family.

    Alas, I have no solution.



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