The Hugo Football Buffaloes are 0 – 7…So What!

           Throughout the extensive history of our Hugo Football Buffaloes we have seen winning seasons, mediocre seasons, losing seasons, building seasons, lost seasons, and hard-to-define seasons.  Over these same many decades, fans, parents, and casual observers of The Mighty Buffaloes have taken up the position of “arm-chair quarterback” and “arm-chair coach”…me included!  This aspect of involvement is to be expected, it’s simply human nature.  No matter where one travels on this planet earth, if there is a sport being played, there are observers that have an opinion and most will let that opinion be known at some level.  This, too, is an important variable that makes up the “phenomenon” of high school football.

            In talking to MANY folks who are involved, and have been involved, and have witnessed the roller-coaster that is indicative of Hugo Buffalo football (and virtually every other sports program that has ever existed), you will find frustration at our 0 and 7 start to the 2010 season but you will also find no sense that horrific events may follow.  Frustration because, once again, it’s human nature to desire success…to be a “winner”…and no sense of emergency because those “in-the-know” have experienced this before. 

            Yes, our 2010 Hugo Football Buffaloes are 0 and 7.  But this team, while being unique in its make-up as far as individuals are concerned, is still a Hugo Buffalo football team.  Just like the 1923 football team, the 1962 team, the 1978 team, the 1983 team (and we stunk pretty good), and the 2005 team…this team IS “The Hugo Buffaloes!”  It really makes no difference, other than personal desire, that this team started 0 and 7 or 7 and 0. 

           In 20 years, when the kids that make up this team reflect, they will find fond memories.  Ask Hack Welch and Joey Brindley of the early-60’s Buffaloes…they were far from involved in winning seasons…when they talk Hugo Buffalo football you witness a love for the game and the immense PRIDE of being a Hugo Buffalo.  Talk to our current head-coach, Courtney Lattimore, who, at the time, suffered through an 0 and 10 season as a Hugo Buffalo but went on to play college and professional football in the arena league.  Talk to some of our assistant-coaches, Jimmy Wyrick and Jeff Jones.  The experience, all of it – good and bad – is what builds character for many and instills that feeling of PRIDE that may not become evident for years to come. 

           Our Hugo Football teams are Buffaloes, the band and cheerleaders and flag corps are Buffaloes.  All the students are Buffaloes, the faculty, the coaches, the announcers, and all the support individuals are Buffaloes.  Those of us in the stands, at the coffee shops being arm-chair quarterbacks and coaches are Buffaloes.  Those of you, who read the paper and listen to the radio and pay a little more attention to a piece about our team, are Buffaloes!  Guess what…we started this season 0 for 7…SO WHAT!  I seriously doubt anyone is TRYING to be 0 and 7, everyone involved wants success…sometimes success comes in other forms and sometimes it escapes us no matter how hard we try.  Let’s get behind our Hugo Football Buffaloes and work to ensure that one essential element is retained: Pride – BUFFALO PRIDE!

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