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AxXiom for Liberty_Jan.28, 2011 Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson

January 27, 2011

AxXiom for Liberty Live

  Friday – Jan. 28, 2011


Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson Owners of Narrogin Beef Producers in Narrogin, W. Australia


Kaye and I welcome a couple of “hometown” folks to Axxiom for Liberty this Friday to discuss property rights, Freedom of Speech, and government intrusions and usurpation of powers in Australia, America, and around the globe. 

Matt and Janets story must be heard and understood, and it is a tragic one, for us to be armedwith the knowledge required to turn back the destructive locomotive that is Government today.

We will also discuss a variety of topics ranging from upcoming Grassroots events, the Oklahoma biennial GOP Precinct meeting ruckus that is brewing, gov’t desires to implement a cash transaction verificationand tracking system (Yes, that is correct…they want to know everything while letting We, the people, know nothing), to a rant or two about the cataloging and CONTROL of Human Beings.

ListenLive at fro 6 – 8pm CST.

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A4l Friday Jan 28, 2011 Guests: Matt and Janet Thompson

AxXiom for Liberty_01-07-2011 Guest:Don Casey

January 7, 2011

Tonight  (Jan. 07, 2011) on AxXiom for Liberty, Kaye and I welcome Vice Chairman of the Alliance for Citizens Rights – Don Casey. 

AxXiom for Liberty is on the Rule of Law Radio Network and is broadcast on FM and AM stations in 21 states.  You can also ListenLive by visiting or dialing 512-485-9010 on your phone.  The question and comment line is 512-646-1984.  AxXiom for Liberty is also available on iTunes.

Don Casey, is a Vietnam era Navy veteran retired from the United States Steel Corp.  He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Alliance for Citizens Rights ( .  His involvement in property rights restoration began in 1992.  At that time, the nation was embroiled over the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Determined to understand the tenets of the NAFTA Agreement, Don purchased a copy of the two volume, two thousand page Agreement.  After carefully studying the document, Don was astounded to realize that the NAFTA Agreement had nothing to do with “free trade” – it was in fact – government control of every aspect of commerce in North America and is a giant step in the ongoing merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada.

The NAFTA trail leads directly to the Earth Summit, an agreement signed by President Bush in 1992.   The forty chapter Earth Summit agreement is generally referred to as Agenda 21 and is considered to be the bible for Sustainable Development.   Don has devoted his time and energy to exposing socialist aspects of this system which will ultimately abolish private property rights, institute social justice, destroy the already teetering economy and eliminate the last vestiges of national sovereignty.

Don seeks to raise public awareness of our God given un-a- lienable rights, which is the only true avenue of combating the process of “globalization”.  Don’s efforts have included the Beacon Round Table – a weekly talk radio show, columnist for the Beacon Newspaper, numerous speaking engagements and radio interviews around the country.

From higher taxation to the global religion, our Providential gift of freedom and liberty are being systematically stripped away.

A video of Don’s presentation recorded on July 15th, 2010 may be viewed at:

See also “A Christmas Grim” – “Code Enforcement Past, Present & Future” 10 minute –

Top Secret America on AxXiom for Liberty Radio

January 7, 2011

Please visit and click on the ARCHIVES section of AxXiom for Liberty Radio Show.  The Dec. 24, 2010 show (Christmas Eve) was a Special Edition of A4L: Top Secret America – We’re Being Scrooged.

Kaye and I discuss the Washington Post investigative report series entitled: “Top Secret America” and how it is NOT conspiratorial gobbledy-gook relative to America BEING a surveillance state!  The Washiongton Post has brought much needed attention and dialogue to the citizens of these United States of America and into the mainstream of political discourse.

Listen, critique, reserach, learn, and disseminate.

To view the material and articles that resulted from the Posts’ two-year investigation, just Google (or search engine of choice) Top Secret America or visit: