AxXiom for Liberty LIVE – 16 Dec. 2011

Tonight on AxXiom for Liberty from 6:00 – 8:00pm CST, Kaye and I have GREAT information filled show lined up with some great guests. 

We’ll discuss NTSB’s (not to mention the Fed push via Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood) edict to the state for a BAN on elctronic device use in privately owned vehicles and what at least one Oklahoma state Representative had to say on the subject.

Smart Meter “Opt-Out” Vicky Davis was FORCED (and you will not believe how) to accept having her analog meter removed and replaced by a new SmartMeter.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority seems to be shifting gears on data collection and it seems as if “wasting your money” is a part of this shift.

Some school children just aren’t allowed to have an opinion, in at least one school in Oklahoma, without facing some pretty demeaning consequences.

Kaye and I welcome Oklahoma House District 1 Republican hopeful, Joe Silk to the show to give us some insight and thoughts on running not only as a conservative but as a conservative with an “R” by his name, in a VERY heavily Democrat registered district. 

We’ll also have Jon Scolamiero join us.  Jon is the Outreach Captain for the Oklahoma Tenth Amendment Center and we’ll be discussing everything from the goals and actions of The Tenth Amendment center, both in Oklahoma and nationwide, to states rights and individual Liberty.

OH…one more note:  Not promising anything, but…we do expect a call from Liberty activist, TV and Radio host, and former Congressional candidate, Adam Kokesh during the show to talk about tomorrows Libertea Rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Tune in or ListenLive every Friday from 6:00 – 8:00pm CST:  In the OKC are we’re on 102.3FM.  On-line – visit,, or  You can also listen via your phone by dialing: 512-485-9010.

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