More Oklahoma “Obamacare” Shennanigans? HB2490


Oh Goody!!! (NOT!) Ever hear of “rap back”? Well, guess what? That is a really neat way for state (but mainly Fed) gov’t to collect and hoard the biometric info of innocent citizens. Its SO important that PPACA (Obamacare) mandates the collection of biometric info as well as “mandating” states set-up their own “rap-back” program: Oklahoma??? You betcha! And here it is, in committee today!

  • FROM HB2490: “When deemed appropriate, the Bureau is authorized to provide rap back information consisting of subsequent changes or updates to a criminal history record to the person or entity that has previously requested the particular criminal history record.”

From The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

From the above link:    “Each participating State is required to develop and test a rap-back system by which State law enforcement departments immediately inform the State of any criminal convictions against the employee that occur following the pre-employment background check.”


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One Response to “More Oklahoma “Obamacare” Shennanigans? HB2490”

  1. Bob Russell Says:

    It is sad that we vote out demoncrats only to get republicrats just as corrupt, if not more so. The current cabal in OKC is just as bad as the junta in Washington. Fallin, Bingman, and Steele are as evil as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. Is there any provision for recall in Oklahoma?

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