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AxXiom for Liberty LIVE_5-20-11

May 20, 2011


Tonight on AxXiom for Liberty, 6:00 to 8:00pm CST, Kaye and I may struggle a bit as we attempt to make sense of the insensible relative to Government programs designed to study (and most likely, implement) “Tax-by-the-miles-driven”.  Not much of an issue, on the surface, until you understand the TRULY invasive nature of the tools most likely to be used:  Can you say – “SUR – VEIL – LANCE”?  We will welcome, from Minnesota, Attorney Nathan Hansen: AND returning guest Dan Feidt: to discuss what they have discovered and thoroughly researched.

Kaye and I will also discuss some “interesting happenings” at the Oklahoma State Capitol this passed week when an Oklahoma Legislator said: “You ALL look the same to me”.  We will also present other issues Oklahomans and Americans need to be aware of and, we believe, very concerned about — including the Death of the War Powers Act, new accounts of Enemies of the State, and just what kind/form of government are we REALLY existing with and how do we function under this system.

Tonite promises to be another one of those “DON’T MISS” experiences as we dive into the REAL issues threatening the America-that-should-be.

Tune-in at 6:00pm CST or ListeLive at You can also ListenLive by dialing: 512-485-9010 on your phone.

The Question/Comment line is: 512-646-1984

Climate Change, Charlie Manson, and the CCCP!

April 19, 2011

‘Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere…” — Charles Manson, 2011


          Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.  Buried in an article published in the UK’s Daily Mail online edition is an article originally titled: “Killer Breaks 20 year Silence on 40th anniversary of gruesome Sharon Tate murders”.  Immediately the words “HELTER SKELTER” jump to mind with the image of a swastika carved into the forehead of Charles Manson.  But, in the opening paragraphs there is something missed by almost everyone…in the midst of ole Charlie’s ramblings is the evidence.  Evidence so solid that it will save and eventually usher in a renewal of free market principles around the world.

          For decades now the likes of Albert “Alfonse Corleone” Gore, William “Cigar-Boy” Clinton, Julia “Carbon-Tax” Gillard, and Barack “Barry” Obama have told us their prophecies, based on “science”, relative to the harm we humans were causing our fragile planet.  Their “science” has recently been discovered to be….hmmmm…wanting facts.  Despite this “temporary” set-back, the Climate Change Coup Pack (CCCP) charges ahead with administrative efforts (not legislative, because the peasants are growing wise) at curbing that which most life on earth either exhales or uses as fuel to produce that which most life inhales. 

          Many skeptics of anthropogenic climate change spend a great deal of time, resources, and effort at discovering, analyzing, compiling, and presenting PROOF that the CCCP are simply wrong and that the efforts of the CCCP are designed to strangle the last bits of life out free-market capitalism and go full-bore toward an absolute central-planning system (global, mind you).  

           The CCCP supporters always point to “the science” and tell us that “the science” is not wrong…just misrepresented, misinterpreted, mislabeled, misspelled, misplaced, mismatched, misunderstood, misaligned, missing, or just missed it.  It always seems as if the CCCP “science” isn’t quite as exact as REAL science is supposed to be.  It is here, where CCCP “science” meets REAL science, that the truth of this supposed anthropogenic climate change is found.  A truth that is irrefutable!

          Enter Charles Manson…a certifiable lunatic (by ANY definition employing virtually ANY standard) who has been scientifically tested  probably more than any single human on this thriving planet.  Each and every scientific test performed on Charlie return the same result:  He has absolutely NO connection to reality.  Every rambling moment, every twisted thought, every conclusion, and every decision this dude makes originates from LALA-Land.  Ladies and Gentlemen, policy-makers, policy-advisors, legislators, global delegates, citizens of this big blue ball…if Charles Manson says it is so…that is PROOF that it can’t be so!

          In this obscure interview of Charles Manson hides the key to FREEDOM…Freedom from government interventions and usurpations of power.  Freedom to once again let people produce in ways the market dictates, not government.  Ole crazy Charlie has finally (though unknowingly) done a good deed.  By siding with the CCCP he has provided the evidence and revealed the truth — only lunatics with a bastardized view of reality can hold the “science” of the CCCP as plausible.  I knew those eyes pierced more than the souls of his cult followers…look into the eyes of the CCCP and you see shades of Charlie — the need to CONTROL!




(NOTE: Approximately 6 hrs after the interview article was published at Daily Mail, the title changed to: “Global Warming Must be True, Charles Manson Believes It…” You can read my original remarks on this at!/howardhouchen/posts/206710839351330?notif_t=like and you be the judge).


Guess What, Barack? We Have OUR Keys Back!

November 4, 2010

We, the People…Have the Keys!

Howard Houchen


            In early 2010 Barack Obama’s handlers developed an analogy for him to splash about the airwaves and repeat at public appearances (over, and over, and over, and over, and over again).  The analogy was one of Republicans driving a car (the U.S. economy) into a ditch (deep recession) and the Obama Rescue Crew is called in to salvage the car and get it moving along the road to recovery.  As the story goes, the self-proclaimed Master Mechanic Obama and his Pit Crew (the Lackluster-Lackeys), successfully dislodge the car (the U.S. Economy) from the pit of despair (recession) and put it back on track only to have the Republicans ask for the keys back.  Pit-Boss Obama then tells us that “you” can’t have the keys back.  Hmmm…

            It has always been my contention that what THESE folks did to THAT car while it was at its most vulnerable could more readily be described as “vehicular stripping” and that the man in charge should be known as “Chop-Shop Barack” and that THOSE keys were never HIS in the first place.  Guess what?  The election results of Nov. 2, 2010 proved me, and tens of millions of American citizens, RIGHT!  Those keys are OURS and it is you, Chop-Shop Barack, who possesses no authority whatsoever to decide who gets the keys to OUR economy…They belong to We, the People!

            With a mighty heave and a resounding opening salvo, the citizens of these United States of America firmly rejected the policies of a central-planning “Ruling-Class” who incorrectly believed they were the “Keepers of the Keys”.  With this clear and concise action, Washington can no longer mistake our wishes.  Yes, we have our keys…BUT…we must secure them with vigilance and dedication to our stated principles.  We must never again allow citizen non-participation in this great American experiment in self-government to empower those in legislative positions whose philosophies run counter to OUR founding principles.  We ALL must stay engaged and steer OUR course. 

            As citizens, we are the “Keepers of the Keys” and with this comes the responsibility of ensuring our drivers steer a straight course, a course we have set for them.  Any deviation from the course that leads to greater freedoms, less government interference, lower taxes, more economic freedom, and security in our blessing of individual liberty must be met with swift and clear action on our part.  Yes, we have our keys but what we do with them from this point forward will be the defining characteristic of this movement to restore America to the mantle of history’s greatest and lasting achievements.