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CPAC Update for 20 Feb. 2010

February 21, 2010

Whew! It’s over. It seems as if the past five days were 10 days long. The Houchen for Congress team that traveled to DC to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference, meet with individuals and groups to seek help with the campaign, and to solidify contacts previously made, has been successful and is more than ready to return home to beautiful Eastern Oklahoma to meet and talk with the good citizens once again.

The last day of events included speeches from “the heavy-weights” (as some media outlets reported) and in most instances they were correct. Newt Gingrich entered the hall to the old and tested rock tune by Survivor…”Eye of the Tiger”. Personally, I didn’t care for the “rock-star” entrance but it was catchy and most of the folks felt fine with it. His speech wasn’t as “Rockin” as his entrance, though it was fairly good.

Ann Coulter’s cuts and jabs at the entire Progressive machine was…how do I put this…not really able to receive a Rated G status but I do like her irreverence of political correctness…she pretty much just tells it the way she views it.

LtCol. Allen West offered a very nice patriotic and moving speech while Bob McEwen probably made the most sense of the day with his very concise and common-sense filled descriptions of what it truly means to practice the principles of economic freedom.

During this last day we still met with groups like RightMarch PAC and Republican Liberty Caucus, who have already endorsed the Houchen for Congress campaign, and with new endorsers and supporters we will begin announcing shortly.

Then came Glenn Beck and his chalkboard. The only criticism I will offer of his speech was his stated belief that he had not heard the Republican Party “apologize” for its Progressive tendencies of the past. Michael Steele may not have but I have certainly heard our own State Chair, Mr. Gary Jones, say publicly that the trouncing received in ’08 was due to Republicans losing their way and not steadfastly holding to those Conservative principles we are supposed to uphold. Mr. Beck…once again Oklahoma is leading the way and you either ignore it or just don’t know about. Look into us a bit more Mr. Beck, maybe you’ll see why we are the reddest of the red states and why we need a little more Oklahoma in Washington and a whole lot less Washington in Oklahoma and around the country. Other than that, I thought Glenn’s speech was entertaining and slightly enlightening.

At the conclusion of the last day of events I was able to meet with American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene and discuss the journey we have embarked on in Eastern Oklahoma to unseat Mr. Blue-Dog himself…Dan Boren. Mr. Keene was very attentive, kind, and very interested.

We also met and spoke with Mrs. Herring of “Charlie Wilson’s War” fame. She was the philanthropist who supplied many of the “resources” necessary to help the Afghans defeat the Soviets in the 1980’s.

This morning, I once again met with an old friend from our days, a couple of decades ago, at Sears Automotive…ChucK Southard, now President of Evertson International, INC. He looks and acts just like he did way back when and I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to catch up with him and his all-grown-up daughter once again.

Real quick summation here: I did not hear one single new major theme, point, proposal, or policy statement that I haven’t already been talking and/or writing about across Eastern Oklahoma over the past 10 months. Rule of Law, Constitutional Conservatism, limited government via limited spending, economic freedom, individual Liberty, personal responsibility, even the Oklahoma born phrase, “Kneecap and Tax” (originally coined by 2004 Rep. Candidate Wayland Smalley and adopted by yours truly the next day) was proudly proclaimed on the stage and to millions of TV viewers. Capitol gains and personal tax reductions, energy dependence via domestic production and nuclear energy, strong national defense, and abolition of Departments of Energy, Education, and Agriculture. Even the notion of “governance is busted” (remember the article and speeches some 9 months ago on “American governance is busted…and it needs new batteries”) was tossed about during this past week, not only at CPAC but on many of the print news magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV news shows.
More to come on this last topic in a bit…stay tuned to Houchen for Congress!

CPAC Update 19 Feb. 2010

February 20, 2010

Good Morning to All,

Yesterday was another rousing day filled with attending speeches, receptions, book-signings, and meetings. From Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnessota, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, Chris Chocola of Club for Growth, and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (Minn) to former Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft (whom I was able to meet), Rep. Tom Price (GA), and former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts.

The evenings Ronald Reagan Award was not given to an individual, rather the entire active community of grassroots activists who rose up like never before to demonstrate and demand governance of the people, by the people, for the people.

We continue to meet with individuals and groups with an interest in supporting the Houchen for Congress campaign. There is a nice contingent of Oklahoma College Republicans attending CPAC from the University of Oklahoma that we spoke with and we travelled (by harrowing taxi ride) to meet with other groups in downtown DC.

I was a guest on KTOK’s Mark Shannon show and provided my take on events here at CPAC.

CPAC Update for 18 Feb. 2010

February 19, 2010

The events of Thursday were numerous detailed. The first point I would like to make that the media seems to not be mentioning is how MOST of the speakers here are talking about how 2010 is not a traditional Democrat vs. Republican event, rather it is a referendum on the size and scope of federal government and who can best limit and decrease its growth while while fixing our economic problems.

One other item that Judge Napolitano just mentioned on Fox News: He stated 2500 were in attendance…there will be close to 10,000 different individuals attend CPAC this year according to tickets sold.

I met and spoke with Marco Rubio after his speech here. Truly a nice guy with intellect and possesses that down-home common sense. I met and spoke with Doug Hoffman of the now famous NY-23 race…kind of a quiet guy but super nice and dedicated to REAL conservatism.

I was interviewed by The Washington Post and by (get ready) Canadian Broadcasting Co. Radio…I seem to draw the foreign media!

Scott Brown seemed nervous and Liz Cheney oozed confidence while former VP Dick Cheney’s lack of concern for “political correctness” brought down the house.

Mitt Romney was very polished and quote humorous while speaking in terms I have not heard him use before relative to limited government government and constitutional conservatism. It appears as if the demands of the heart and soul of America are being heard loud and clear.

Sen. Jim DeMint gave a really good speech detailing his and fellow Republican Senators role in stopping the current extreme progressive agenda.

I met and spoke with Carl Cameron of Fox News and took a few pics! Wayne LaPierre pf the NRA gave a very good and passionate speech while Dick Armey was just plain good. Rep. John Boehner was my second favorite speaker of the day with his offering of specifics about how he wanted to bring about REAL transparency in House activities and legislation.

For the sake of time I’ll jump right to my favorite speaker of the day…George Will! Please,please, please attempt to find a place where you can access and watch Mr. Wills speech last night. You can go to and it should be archived. His delivery and the substance reminded me of William F. Buckley. I got to meet and speak with George Will afterwards and this was a highlight of the day not to mention the literally scores of individuals we met and talked to who are so supportive and interested in our journey to unseat Mr. Blue-Dog himself, Dan Boren.

A quick story: We were standing in a very large reception visiting with fellow attendees about the Houchen for Congress campaign back home and I noticed a particular gentleman walk into the room…he looked very familiar and I was convinced he was an actor or some other noted personality. I could’t quite put my finger it though…why was he familiar? I approached him and asked: “You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”. After a few words he said: “Howard Houchen!?!?” He and I worked at Sears Automotive as mechanics back in the mid-80’s together while going to the University of Oklahoma. We haven’t seen each other in 22 years! He owns an oil company with rigs in South America today. Small world.

CPAC Update for 17 Feb. 2010

February 18, 2010

Yesterday was a whirlwind of events and meetings here in DC. Prior to landing at 1:05 pm I received a message that The Mount Vernon Statement signing was to take place at 2:30. After scrambling to locate a lost piece of luggage (just downright lucky), a taxi ride to the hotel, a very quick change of clothes, and another taxi back to Mt. Vernon, we arrived at Collingwood Library and Museum to find a spectacular scene. No less than a dozen TV news crew and an unsure number of radio and print reps were on hand to cover this event that included about 150 attendees. I urge everyone to search “The Mount Vernon Statement” on your search engine to get the in-depth details of what this actually is or got directly to

In short,”this historic document defines the Principles, Beliefs, and Values of the Conservative Movement”, a statement of Constitutional Conservatism for the 21st Century. Among those in attendance that I was able to speak with were former Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, Edwin Meese III, David Keene-President of the American Conservative Union, Brent Bozell-president of the Media Research Center and nephew of William F. Buckley Jr., David Bozell of MRC, Edwin J. Feulner-President of the Heritage Foundation, and fellow Okie Cleta Mitchell-Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundatio.

I was very fortunate and humbled to among the original signers of this important document and will post some pictures when we return. I was interviewed by the Media Research Center and by…get this…RTV (Russia TV).

We left Mt. Vernon to take care of a couple of pre-scheduled meetings near the Capital at the Cannon House Office Building and made it back to the hotel in time to change once again and attend the CPAC Diamond reception where we met and discussed the Houchen for Congress campaign with dozens of organizers, sponsors, and attendees (no name dropping here).

The Height of Arrogance

February 15, 2010

The Height of Arrogance:

            I began discussing the arrogance of this current administration, and the Enablers of this administration’s policies, long before the term “ARROGANT” was the moniker of the day being used by pundits on the night of Scott Brown’s election victory in Massachusetts to describe those on the left-end of an already too Progressive of an agenda. 

            No heed has been paid to these legitimate descriptions by those Enablers, they continue to adopt policies, legislate, and force their own brand of governance without regard to fact, constitutional authority, or the will of the people.  A fairly good example of this can be found in two headlines separated by less than two weeks.

            The first was the Obama administration’s decision to scale back the scope of NASA relative to manned space-flight and now include a mandate for NASA to concentrate on “climate change research and monitoring” (see for this New Scientist article).  The second headline unceremoniously declares that research and science relied on by those of the doom and gloom, carbon credit buying, selling, and trading crowd (can you say Mr. Gore, Ms. Boxer, and Mr. Obama) is a great big farce.  We learn that “warming periods have happened before – but NOT due to man-made changes” (see for the Mail Online article).  I say “we learn” to be a bit arrogant myself.  Many of us already knew, many cold-moons ago, that human caused global-warming is a tool designed for purposes other than stated goals espoused by the current ruling apparatus. 

            If uncorrupted scientists and the majority of the free population around the world is able to understand that global warming is a part of natural cycles this planet has endured for millennia, why are we directing even more of our precious and very limited resources (derived from confiscation of the citizens property in the form of taxes) to further an agenda that has been proven to be false?  The answer is simple: because they do not care if the premise is false.  The current administration and its Enablers have a goal in mind and toss aside all rational reasoning that interferes with that goal.  What is that goal, you ask:  To concentrate the ability to influence (power) at the federal level.  Saying that man-made global warming will end us all allows GOVERNMENT to intervene in areas that otherwise the citizenry, and OUR Constitution, would not allow.

            For this administration, and for those in the position to oppose this (the side-line Enablers), to go forward with their Progressive agenda in spite of hard fact opposing the premise of their argument is the height of Arrogance!

God Bless America and Hang in There!

Hello world!

February 15, 2010

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